We are pleased to offer this very early 69 model year RHD 911 for sale.

Model History

In 1963 Porsche launched a new coupe called the 901, a radical departure from the ageing 356 that featured an all new aluminium 2.0 flat six air cooled engine mated to a 5 speed gearbox in a 2 plus 2 coupe body. In October 1964, the 901 became the 911 in response to Peugeot’s trademark objections, and so the most famous three numbers in the sportscar world were coined. Capable of 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 130mph, the new 911 elevated Porsche into the junior supercar league at a stroke.

It soon earned itself a reputation not only for its incredible performance from only 2 litres, but for also having fairly entertaining handling characteristics. With the engine hung so far behind the rear wheels, highly experienced drivers would revel in the delicate adjustability of the chassis at the limit, whilst lesser morsels could easily find themselves facing the way they had just come from.

Porsche responded for the 1969 model year by lengthening the wheelbase by 57mm (2.2 inches) and manufacturing the engine cases out of magnesium instead of aluminium saving another 10kgs of weight at the rear, whilst replacing one larger battery with two smaller batteries at the front to help weight distribution further. These modifications instantly improved the handling characteristics, making it much easier to drive, whilst a new Bosch mechanical fuel injection system was introduced on the E and S models, offering an increase in performance.

As well as being available with a manual gearbox, the new 69 model year 911 was also offered with the Type 905/13 Sportomatic transmission, which was effectively a clutch-less manual system that allowed the driver to change gear by simply pulling the gear lever through its standard H-pattern movement. Its durability and effectiveness were put to the test when it won the world’s longest endurance motor race – the Marathon de la Route 84 Hours at the Nurburgring.

Today, the Sportomatic is a shrewd option for those wishing to enjoy the virtues of classic 911 ownership in the city, with its clutchless gearchange making it far easier to drive than a conventional manual.

This Example

This 1969 model year B series 911E was quite possibly the first in RHD, being manufactured in November 1968, and actually, a display car on the Porsche stand at the Earls Court Motor Show in 1968.

It was supplied to the UK importer AFN finished in Light Ivory (6804) with black leatherette interior, the combination it is presented in today and was sold from the stand at the show to Lady Pamela Oppenheimer, who kept it until passing to its second owner Mr Curnow in 2005.

Although now over 50 years old, this 2.0E has only had two former keepers and showing a believed 52,000 miles from new. It is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity, Porsche Kardex,
original complete book pack including a rare supplement for the Sportomatic transmission, date stamped original Fuchs wheels and original factory tool kit including a perfect Bilstein jack.

Whilst it has certainly received paintwork over the last 53 years, it is unusual in the fact that it has never been restored, so still retains a lot of originality, the interior in particular, having a wonderful patina that could never be replicated in a fully restored example.

A rare RHD early matching numbers 911E coupe, available for immediate enjoyment.

Please contact Carla today for further information.

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