We are pleased to offer this totally original rust and accident-free late SC which was converted to a lightweight endurance race car.

The Car

The bodyshell was prepared and painted throughout in its original colour to a standard that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern Touring car. The car is built with a full FIA welded in roll cage, lightweight RUF bumpers are fitted front and rear together with a 3.0 RS style lightweight engine cover, at the time it was also mechanically rebuilt to standard production specification. Ironically, after all this work, it never really turned a competitive wheel in anger.


We first acquired the car in 2014 and then sold it to its current owner who has several Porsches that he uses on track and wanted an air-cooled car to add to the stable. While being very reliable on his first visit to Castle Combe for a track day, he realised more power and traction were needed together with stronger stopping power.


We rebuilt the engine entirely, lightened and balanced the crankshaft and conrods, fitted new high compression pistons and GE60 camshafts, the K Jetronic injection was replaced with a new set of PMO carburettors all of which raised the power from 204BHP to a more respectable 250BHP. A new limited-slip differential was fitted along with a rebuilt gearbox, Bilstein sports dampers, a set of Group 4 7/8 x 15” wheels mated with Yokohama A008 tyres and a modern 986 Porsche brake upgrade were also fitted.


Inside a pair of Cobra competition seats were installed with full Luke harnesses and removable Momo steering wheel to ease access.


Weighing just under 1000KGs and with 250BHP available, this lightweight SC now performs as well as it looks and surprises drivers of more modern machinery on a track day with its capability while performing faultlessly with low running costs.

Road Legal

It’s also road legal and noise friendly on track days which together with low running costs make this lightweight SC a cost-effective leftfield option to a GT3 for those European boys trips in 2020.

Final Words

The owner has enjoyed many outings on track in Europe with the car where it has held its own before being driven home again, but now the air-cooled bug has bitten, a bigger challenge awaits which is racing a 1965 SWB 911 in 2020 hence this SC is now for sale. It is still an ideal candidate for a competitive hill climb, sprint or race car in specific championships.

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