Porsche 993 Carrera S

1997 • Arena Red • 139,000 Miles

Porsche 993 Carrera S

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The Carrera S models were launched for the 1996 model year and featured the powerful 285bhp Varioram engine, they were fitted with the wide body of the Turbo model together with a lowered chassis which gave them a very aggressive stance.

The 993 C2S is arguably the most desirable of the normally aspirated 993’s and was available with manual or switchable Tiptronic transmission, with the later being more popular when new.

This example was collected from the factory at Stuttgart by its first owner in January 1997 and finished in arena red metallic with savanna interior. It was specified from new as a UK C16 RHD and also came with a list of desirable factory fitted options listed below.

  • 437: 8 way electric comfort seat left
  • 139: Seat heating left
  • 438: 8 way electric comfort seat right
  • 340: Seat heating right
  • 513: Lumber support right
  • 573: Automatic air conditioning
  • 454: Cruise control
  • 324: CR210 Porsche head unit by Becker
  • 680: Digital Sound processing audio system
  • 490: Sound system
  • 659: on board computer
  • 249: Switchable Tiptronic transmission
  • 432: Steering wheel fitted with Tiptronic control
  • 650: Electric sunroof
  • 408: 18” technology wheels
  • 602: High level brake light
  • 425: Rear wiper
  • 567: Top tint windscreen

It has often been quoted that the 993 was the car that nearly broke Porsche financially because it was over-engineered and expensive to produce. Today that translates into the most extensively developed air-cooled cars produced by the factory and built to last.

When you first see this example, you will find it hard to believe how far it has travelled in its 23 years.  It is still in excellent condition, free from the rattles and squeaks that trouble later mass-produced cars and feels more 40,000 miles on the road than the near 140,000 miles recorded. It has been owned by its last keeper since 2011, has been meticulously maintained predominantly by OPCs throughout its life and unlike many 993s that we see, it sailed through our pre-purchase inspection with minimal points to rectify before being sold.

Purists will argue that these cars should have a manual gearbox, but anyone who lives inside the M25 will definitely find this car more appealing. The switchable gearbox operated from the steering wheel allows for spirited driving when allowed, whilst the fully automatic mode suits more typical driving found on your average city ring road at rush hour.

This is a 993 that can still be used guilt free as intended, with the added cache of being the desirable C2S variant. Low mileage 993C2S models can command over twice the price being asked for this car, making it an attractive proposition for the enthusiast.

Service History:

  • 22.12.1997: 7,324 miles Dick Lovett Porsche (OPC)
  • 02.02.1999: 21,459 miles Arlington Porsche  (OPC)
  • 09.08.1999: 33,914 miles Arlington Porsche
  • 11.01.1999: 43,210 miles Arlington Porsche
  • 12.01.2001: 55,246 miles Arlington Porsche
  • 14.03.2002: 63,160 miles Camtune (Porsche Specialist)
  • 05.11.2002: 70,380 miles Camtune
  • 16.09.2003: 80,320 miles Porsche Centre Tonbridge (OPC)
  • 30.06.2007: 110,610 miles Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield (OPC)
  • 15.07.2008: 115,432 miles Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield
  • 05.05.2009: 118,323 miles Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield
  • 26.05.2010: 122,119 miles Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield
  • 24.05.2011: 123,940 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow (OPC)
  • 22.05.2012: 128,746 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 25.05.2013: 131,148 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 23.04.2014: 132,798 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 15.05.2015: 133,757 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 24.05.2016: 134,452 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 24.05.2017: 136,587 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 24.05.2016: 134,452 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 24.05.2017: 136,587 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 20.05.2017: 138,949 miles Porsche Centre Wilmslow
  • 2020: Car will be fully serviced by Paul Stephens when sold





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